The Alluring East

As the mist floats,  on the horizon, over the lush greens of the tea garden,

Waiting patiently for the first golden rays of the sun to kiss them.

As the mighty Brahmaputra travels through its course,

Languidly, and sometimes excitedly; embracing all on its shores.


As the pretty girls pass us by, wearing Mekhala and that infectious smile,

Culture takes a pause to admire and honour their elegance all that while.

As the tall Arica palms vie with each other to touch the cloud laden sky,

The wild orchids flaunt their vivid colours, like an accomplished artist by and by.


Holding History and heritage in the vastness of its valleys and the rivers,

In the folds of its Himalayan peaks, hope in the raindrops shines and glimmers,

That is how life flows in this corner of the majestic and beauteous East,

Blending perfectly with the nature, it bothers for the false vanity, not the least.


Copyright © Aradhana Mishra

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  1. The image created by the words is even more magnificent and serene than the picture shot.Beautiful.

    1. Hello Arti,
      Each time you write a comment on the piece that i write, each time I feel elated, for you are not an ordinary reader and to get such a feedback from you feels great! Thank you!

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