…To make you smile.

The sparkle of my danglers which matched with the sequinned border of my Saari was second only to the appreciative shine of my husband’s eyes. I had taken the trouble of applying matching emerald eye shadow and a lovely shade of blush made my face glow. Now only thing missing was the ‘Cinderella’s sandals’. The one I had decided upon earlier , looked dull in comparison with the rest of the ensemble .So I went on to pick up another pair, with a thin silver strand in the front to hold my toes. Ahhh….now the look was complete. Satisfied , I walked till the car and zoom…..reached the Army club for a very formal evening. After the initial customary conversation, we soon settled down with our drinks and friends. Sitting on the sofa I was talking animatedly with the lady sitting beside me when I felt that something was not right with my left sandal….suddenly it had felt loose . The thin front ‘silver’ strap had given up with a snap!
In the hope of getting some help from my husband ( I was sure , I would find him in the farthest corner of the room- somehow destiny knows when I would need him the most๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ˜ ), I started walking towards him….snap!..the thin ‘silver strap ‘ of the other sandal too was gone. I looked around , with the sweetest smile possible in an attempt to portray that everything was fine…the fact that I was standing between a senior officer who was singing some old number on the karaoke and the audience – was the only motivating factor for me to glide(I could no longer walk with the front straps of my both sandals gone…)across the hall…Like a knight in the shining Armour, my hubby finally did decide to come to my rescue and got me the ‘dull ‘ pair of sandals from homeย  (thankfully it wasn’t very far from the club) discreetly. No one noticed his absence really, or so I thought.

The swish in mySsaari Pallu was back and so was the zing in my gait. I returned to my friend who assured me that nothing looked amiss . It just appeared that I was walking ‘more elegantly’ when I was crossing the hall…others chorused …’oh yeah ….nothing unusual’. I heaved a sigh of relief . Finally with dinner over, the guests started to leave. Before leaving ,the chief guest once again met every one n walking towards me he went like…’ Oh…so your sandal problem has been rectified!!!’ ๐Ÿ˜œ๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜ ” but you handled it very well,”….. He added.
I was looking around for the friend who had told me that it just appeared that I was walking ‘more elegantly’….

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