Dandelions : The Wandering Thoughts


Holding that delicate and dainty Dandelion,

I blow it softly with the twinkling eyes and puckered lips,

Summoning my deep desires and some secret wish.


To a faraway, unforeseen land, the seeds fly,

Carried sublimely with the princely wind,

That embraces them with a gentle and quiet kiss.


But prude-the dandelion Seeds are not, for they remain placid,

Forever ready, to grow in the sunshine or in the shade,

They whisper on the side of the road, and on the meadow, they reminisce.


Just like my forever wandering thoughts and emotions,

In the pursuit of unknown and to feed the questing mind,

They too are beyond the customs of the usual and nothing do they resist.


Like the Dandelions, they also drift away to the places unknown,

To grow in the sunshine and to grow in the shade,

Unmindful, if it’s kosher or a bit inured or perhaps something pure bliss.



Picture credit: #123RF.com

Inspiration credit: #RuskinBond

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  1. Beautifully written Aradhna πŸ’•πŸ‘πŸ‘ being a dreamer n nature lover -loved every word of it

    1. Thank you Radhika! Your words keep my ‘alter ego’ satiated. πŸ™‚ that besides, truly appreciate your compliments !

  2. Outstanding…..Ur brilliant for dandelions do not come easily even in thought..Always loved blowing it when I was small n I’m sure no one has a mind as wandering as mine…So I’m connected in some way…Loved it..Cheers for this one..

    1. Thank you Arti for being this generous with your appreciative words!!!!! coming to childhood, even I remember blowing them…n may be i still love doing that ! πŸ™‚

  3. This is pure joy .. .takes the readers to a beautiful world
    What wonderful use of simile n metaphor .
    Hats off to your power of thinking
    Keep wandering !

  4. Parul, reading your comment is equally sweet and joyful! Shall surely strive to keep up to your expectations…and actually it’s a big motivation! love you back!

  5. let your thoughts flow and give us pure bliss every time they meet the pen! so beautifully expressed with a simple metaphor!

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