In the space, I have carved for myself,

I am contented and much at peace,

Do not though worry, I shall not take yours,

Control your temper and reign your caprice.


My chord may be different with contrasting notes,

But we can create a symphony with your intonation,

Harmony can’t be as elusive as made out to be,

For ‘I’ and ‘you’ are the part of one creation.


I assure you, I am not in a contest with you,

But have no doubt about my pertinence,

As I have no hesitation in accepting yours,

Clear your mind of prejudices and any ambivalence.


You are the Adam and I am your Eve,

I do not seek a day to celebrate being a ‘SHE’,

For, the glory lies not in asserting one’s identity,

But in complementing the other and still being free!


Copyright @ Aradhana Mishra

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  1. A gentle breeze……
    Speaks volumes about the gregarious YOU ,ever willing to subsume your individuality for a wider acceptability……a tough ask,given the inherent paradox in it!
    That prompts me to call this poem a prothlamion celebrating the marriage of paradoxes.
    ……the lingering sillage leaves behind the tell-tale evidence of a convoy of beautiful sentiments that has just passed by me!

    1. Hello Sir,
      Your comment is like that lovely fragrance that keeps dawdling, long after one has finished reading it! To your words, I would say, the marriage of paradoxes are much more viable, interesting and certainly rewarding than the ‘regulars’! Let that prothalamion continue…let the celebration of the union of paradoxes go on. And let your words keep inspiring me! 🙂

      Much Regards

    1. Thank you, Gunjan. And I must say, your words make it all the more special. For being sorted, you are one of that yourself. Much love!

  2. Short and crisp but the essence not diluted in any line
    Magnanimity and docility maintained at the same time!
    Thus though calls for a celebration 🥂🥂

    1. Thank you, Monisha! Hope this is understood by people at large. Have always wondered as to why do we (women) strive to become like men….why do we insist upon proving that we can do everything that ‘they’ can…rather I feel, the idea should be about celebrating our ability to do what they can’t and thus complementing each other!

  3. Celebrating womanhood! Very rightly said .. we complement each other. Loved reading this.

    1. Thank you, Mrs Sharma! Indeed it’s about complementing each other and celebrating that spirit! Aslo, must add that your words are always very encouraging.


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