Ladakh- An Unforgettable Saga



I might not be able to keep close to you forever, but I shall hold on to the feelings you evoked,

And the memories and thoughts, that you so tenderly stroked!

In winters, the silent puffs of falling white, glistens your day and shimmers the night,

I shall yearn for those mountain peaks, covered in snow- pearly and light!


On your frozen lakes, dances the silence with poise, grace and in utmost glory,

With starry night and the gleaming sun being witness to this arresting story!

Unforgettable shall be the pride, with which the tall bare trees stand on your slopes,

With nothing to shield and nothing to hide, and yet like the harbinger of hopes!


I shall not forget the whiff of the crisp air, that moves through your glaciers and peaks,

Carrying with it the snowy breath, kissing my forehead and blowing upon my cheeks!

I Shall remember the symphony of the waves that your exuberant rivers composed,

In consonance with their rocky shores, as if they were about to be proposed!


How can I forget the beautiful motif that the Sia* flowers create on the carpet of Spring!

To give you a welcome, reserved only for the imperial and the majestic King!

The exquisite and tender blooms of apricot* go onto adorn your crown,

Like a true emperor, you observe all and pay attention to everything around!


Siachen (Rose flower)

People who have found their abode of peace in the folds of your peaks,

upholding their purity, much in concurrence with their surroundings, or so to speak!

In the customs and rituals, in the heritage and traditions and in all aspects of their lives,

I discerned your presence and slowly understood how this all survives!

 heritage carried with pride

Cannot be forgotten either, the soldiers in the convoy, moving on your winding road,

Leaving the trail of courage and valour, on a sunny day or even when it snowed!

On the Tiger hill and the Tololing Heights, On Chushul  or in Kargil- the sagas are much famed,

Your court is strewn with the stories of fearlessness and endurance- in you, it’s so ingrained!


The pages from your painting book of landscapes, that you turn at your every bend, will stay in my heart,

The innumerable moments spent with you, shall continue to be my most significant part!

O Ladakh! I might not be able to keep close to you, but I shall hold on to the feelings you evoked

and the memories and thoughts that you so tenderly stroked!


Copyright © Aradhana Mishra

Photographs – Aradhana Mishra


*Sia- Wild roses found abundantly in Ladakh, after which Siachen has been named! ‘Chen’ means flower!

*Apricot- It is said that the variety of apricot found in ladakh , locally known as Raktsey Karpo, is the sweetest variety of apricots in the world.


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  1. Each and every poem u write evokes love. This is a lovely ode to Ladhakh and deserves to be published .

    1. Dear Arti,
      To say that I am humbled by your words, will be an understatement! Having said that, I truly feel blessed to have accomplished readers like you reading my poetry and appreciating it!Thank you! 🙂

  2. This is so so beautiful 👌 beautiful 👌
    You have painted a whole picture of Ladakh with your poetic prowess.
    Beautiful imagery where the reader could visualise the frozen lakes and the breeze as well as the convoy on its winding roads.
    Loved it

    1. Hi Monisha,
      A huge thank you for appreciating this piece!I am truly glad that the intended essence has been conveyed and more importantly… liked! It has been a privilege for me to experience this surreal side of the nature!

  3. Stunning … Ladakh has a mesmerising grip on anyone who visits … a place I hold very close to my heart …. And your winged words Aradhana do complete and absolute justice to this divine land … poetic brilliance ❤

    1. Hi Ruchi,
      Totally agree with you! Ladakh surely has this mesmerizing grip on anyone who visits. If you have ever lived here, the period being inconsequential, a piece of your soul forever stays in these hills! Much thanks for liking my words..coming from you, this is all the more special! 🙂

  4. It is such a beautifully written piece SM! Remember the glorious landing experience and could see myself going back to the winding roads of the mountains. Love how you put emotion into the imagery.

    1. Hello Pooja,
      Thank you for this generous appreciation. Ladakh indeed makes an indelible impression on its visitors and it was its sheer magic that worked on my words as well. Also,I do feel motivated when such acknowledgements come my way. 🙂 Much love.

  5. Beautifully written Aradhna 👍brings out true emotions of love, purity, beauty and healing touch of nature. Loved every word of it

    1. Thank you Radhika..for being this always.. ! Indeed the healing touch of nature is something that’s parallel to none! Also, I know that I am bit late in replying to your sweet words. Apologies!

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