High scorers, average professionals

Has been sometime since the board results were announced! Around two lakh students secured more than 90 percent in 10th and about a lakh secured more than 90 percent in 12th!!! And so many more of them in 80-90 percent bracket .So far so good. I should have been happy! Instead I was thinking- are these children all really as good as their marks suggest or is it also to do with something like ‘inflation of marks’ !!!!!!! Talking to the teaching fraternity in an informal set up and listening to academicians make you see how our education system works. ‘ Study NCERT books’ , ‘learn the key words and use them in your answers and you will score good’ are some usual advices given to the students- with the idea of fetching more n more marks , firmly in place!

Really! Whatever happened to divergent approach and thinking ! Children are not allowed to imagine , to think freely , creatively ! What kind of generation are we preparing !
Ideally the children in the 90-100 percent bracket, should have gotten into their preferred colleges or fields without much glitch ( especially for students who appeared for JEE and NEET) but then that wasn’t the case . Apparently there is huge gap between how u score in boards and how u should prepare for competitive exams ( this shall require another page)
Dear #MrPrimeMinister, #NarendraModiji I remember you addressing the children prior to board exam and telling them not to get stressed! Did you really think that the stress is because of their boards! No, the stress is not because of the board exam, ( board has shown them the way to score using ‘ key words’ , pun intended)The stress that our youth feels is because of the lack of true knowledge, lack of quality higher education institutes ,lack of employment avenues and most importantly lack of equal opportunities. You evade the question of reservation and its psychological effect on the children.

With this kind of approach, can we really nurture the mind to innovate , to come out with ‘out of the box’ thinking ! I doubt.
As the mother of a teen age son I am worried. As the citizen of this country I am worried.

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  1. 👍👍👍Another well researched and beautifully worded article. Nothing much has changed in this one year. Hope we wake up and help our children to choose careers they love… only then will they excel in their profession. I too learnt from my mistakes and can speak from personal experience now.🙂

    1. Thank you Mrs Sharma!That’s indeed the big concern ! Marking system has undergone a lot of changes over the years . Somewhere we have made the system too easy for the children to score 90, 95 percent… it’s like inflation of score! …Actually 90 percent and above has lost its sheen. CBSE does a lot of moderation . there is ‘ key’ words issue… use them n earn the marks … doesn’t matter if one has understood the concept or not . Third thing , even if a student writes the question number on his/her answer sheet, the question is considered ‘attempted’ and when bonus( that is again something I do not agree with) marks is given , these children also get the marks for just writing the question number! !!!!!! Then suddenly they shift the
      gear and tell them… dude, joy ride is over , get down and fend for yourself ! And that’s the biggest problem. In our pursuit for ‘marks’ we have completely lost the true meaning of learning … n the onus lies on all of us! Parents , teachers, schools, board! It’s time that we we allow children to explore, experiment and be free to follow their passion instead of just learning the tricks to ‘score’! For me, I took up science in plus two, just because I was ‘supposed’ to after scoring a certain percentage, while my heart was clearly in the literature zone! Wish I had the courage to follow my passion instead of following the ‘expected’ dictum!

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