The Majestic Ladakh

Encircled by the brown and rigid looking #mountains, stood the strip of Leh airport, bestowing the first welcome to its visitors, trying intently to put them at ease as if it knew perfectly the impact of the vast , barren , cold mountainous terrain on them. And I too was welcomed thus. The sight of the majestic ,stern looking and yet caring peaks of Himalayas was breathtaking- quite literally! One realizes that these terrains punish the unruly creatures cruelly, sometimes fatally, if its rules are not obeyed.
The erstwhile capital of #Ladakh kingdom, #Leh is a paradise for adventure seekers not for nothing, and the first adventure is to survive the toughness of the existence!
But once you take these mountains into confidence, they let you know its innermost secret like the best friend! They take you to an unforgettable journey to enjoy its alluring Himalayan panoramic landscape, cerulean lakes, the innocence of its people, the Buddhist spirituality- with earnestness, reserved for the very own! While Pangong Tso entices like a playful partner with its myriad shades of blue and green, it leaves you intrigued at the same time. The Khardong La makes one feel like on top of the world and yet you come down a little more humbled, with an understating as to what it takes to survive there. The meeting point of zanskar and Indus river brings forth ones own inner feelings!
After spending a week there , I am back – in the comfort of plains, breathing is again something, that we take for granted. But I have also come back with the knowledge and appreciation for its rugged beauty,for the people who live there , and most of all for our soldiers who stand guard ,along side those peaks without any break, in the surrounding which may or may not be familiar to them, at places, not even locals think of going to- just so that the rest of us can sleep peacefully!

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